active scripting

Definition of active scripting in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Active Scripting

The process of using a scripting language such as Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) or Microsoft JScript to drive Component Object Model (COM) components. Host applications such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) with Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP) and Microsoft Internet Explorer have scripting engines for running scripts written in VBScript or JScript.

Active scripting engines can be developed for other interpretive scripting languages, such as Perl, to leverage a developer’s existing knowledge of these programming platforms. Scripting engines for client software, such as Internet Explorer, are specially designed to eliminate the authoring components that are not needed in a nonauthoring host environment. This makes the client-side scripting engine lightweight, which yields better performance.

How it works

In a typical scenario, the host application loads the script document and calls an application programming interface (API) to create a new instance of a scripting engine. The host application feeds the script to the engine and executes the script.

Scripting Using scripting languages, like javascript, to host applications.