Add New Hardware

Definition of Add New Hardware in The Network Encyclopedia.

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Add New Hardware meaning

A Control Panel utility in Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 that is used to install new peripheral hardware on your machine.

On machines running Windows 98 that are fully Plug and Play compliant, you can either plug the device into the computer while it is running (for hot-pluggable devices) or you can turn off the machine, install the card, turn on the machine, and have Windows 98 automatically enumerate the new device and begin the installation procedure. The Add New Hardware Wizard generally needs to be run only for legacy devices that are not fully Plug and Play compliant.

How Add New Hardware Works

To install a device using the Add New Hardware Wizard in Windows 98, start the wizard and let Windows 98 look for Plug and Play devices. If the device is a legacy device, let Windows 98 search it.

If Windows 98 cannot find the device, you must identify it from a list of devices by selecting a device class, choosing the manufacturer and model, and specifying the location of the appropriate driver for the device.

In Windows 2000 this hardware utility has been enhanced and is called Add/Remove Hardware.
Make sure your hardware device is attached to your machine and turned on before running the Add New Hardware Wizard!