administrative tools (Windows NT)

Definition of administrative tools (Windows NT) in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What are Administrative Tools (Windows NT)

A Microsoft Windows NT program group containing tools for administering a Windows NT–based network.

The basic set of tools for Windows NT Server 4.0 consists of the following:

  • Administrative Wizards
  • Backup
  • Disk Administrator
  • Event Viewer
  • License Manager
  • Migration Tool for NetWare
  • Network Client Administrator
  • Performance Monitor
  • Remote Access Admin
  • Server Manager
  • System Policy Editor
  • User Manager for Domains
  • Windows NT Diagnostics

The number of tools, which can be extended by installing additional Windows NT services using the Network utility in Control Panel, includes the following tools:

  • DHCP Manager
  • DNS Manager
  • File Manager
  • Network Monitor
  • WINS Manager
NOTE: A subset of these administrative tools can be installed on Windows NT Workstation 4.0, and a smaller subset can be installed on Windows 95 or Windows 98. The files required to install the client-based network administrative tools on Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and Windows 95 or Windows 98 are available in the \Clients\Srvtools directory on the Windows NT Server 4.0 compact disc.