Alerter service

Definition of Alerter service in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Alerter Service?

A Microsoft Windows NT service responsible for sending administrative alerts to users and computers. The Alerter service generates an alert when potentially dangerous conditions occur, such as when disk space is running out. You can configure which users or computers receive these alerts by using Server Manager (or by using the Server utility in Control Panel).

Pop-up alert messages will appear if the administrator is logged on or is at the appropriate computer when the alert occurs. The administrator can then consult the system log for information about what caused the alert.

  • TIP: The Server service must be running for the Alerter service to function. The Messenger service should also be running on both the sending and receiving computers. Also, restart the Server service and Alerter service on the computer after modifying the list of users and computers to whom alert conditions on that computer should be sent.
Alerter Service is a Microsoft windows Service that allows users to be alerted to several problems on their server or computer.