Definition of ANSI C/C++ in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is ANSI C/C++

A standard published by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for writing C and C++ code. Programs written in ANSI C or ANSI C++ are portable to a large number of computing platforms.

Most commercial C/C++ programming tools, such as Microsoft Visual C++, contain extensions to ANSI C/C++ that simplify common programming tasks considerably but restrict the portability of the resulting code to different platforms.

You can use Visual C++ to write strict ANSI C/C++ code by following these guidelines:

  • Call Win32 application programming interfaces (APIs) directly in your program instead of using the Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) libraries.
  • Disable the Microsoft extensions to C++ by running Visual C++ using the /Za command-line option.
  • Use the isostream and standard template libraries from the ANSI Standard C++ library and the appropriate #include statements in your code.

What is ANSI C/C++

Standard code for the high level programming languages assuring the compatibility with a large number of platforms.