AppleShare IP

Definition of AppleShare IP in The Network Encyclopedia. What is AppleShare.

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What is AppleShare IP?

An Apple networking technology that supports native TCP/IP on the Apple Macintosh platform and provides Web, file, print, and e-mail services for departmental and workgroup-level environments.

The latest version, AppleShare IP v6.1, features a single integrated administration console for local server management, remote administration using a standard Web browser, IP address filtering, Sherlock searching support, multihosting, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and point of presence (POP) protocol support, shared Internet Mail Access Protocol (IMAP) folders, Domain Name System (DNS) services, and full compatibility with MacOS 8.5.

AppleShare IP client software must be installed on Macintosh client machines to enable them to access AppleShare IP services on a server over the network. AppleShare IP supports both Server Message Block (SMB) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) protocols in addition to AppleShare file sharing, and is compatible with both Macintosh and Microsoft Windows clients.