application log

Definition of application log in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Application Log?

A Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 log that records events generated by applications running on the system.

The application log can be viewed and managed using Event Viewer and can contain three types of events:

  • Error event:
    Indicated by a red stop sign and signals a serious condition, such as a failed service


  • Warning event:
    Indicated by a yellow warning sign and signals a potentially serious condition, such as low disk space


  • Information event:
    Indicated by a blue information sign and signals a noteworthy event, such as a service successfully starting up


Application log events

Microsoft BackOffice applications typically log events to the application log. Administrators should review the application log regularly to ensure that applications are running properly. The following screen capture shows the application log as viewed by the Event Viewer management console for Windows 2000.