Definition of archiving in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Archiving (in computer networking)?

The process of long-term storage of important data for security and recovery reasons. Archived data is usually stored in a compressed format because it is required infrequently.

Some of the files that a Microsoft Windows NT administrator might consider archiving regularly include

  • Event log files for the system, security, and application logs
  • Performance monitor files for monitoring trends in memory, disk, processor, and network usage over time
  • Log files for applications such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

TIP: When you archive event log files, you can save these files in log file format, text file format, or comma-delimited text file format. The actual binary data of an event is saved only if you archive it in event log format, but saving the information in a comma-delimited text file format allows you to import these logs into a spreadsheet program to analyze trends.

Computer ArchiveData not requested frequently is archived by the system.