arp command

Definition of arp command in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is ARP Command?

A TCP/IP utility and Microsoft Windows NT command for viewing and modifying the local Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) cache, which contains recently resolved MAC addresses of Internet Protocol (IP) hosts on the network. When one host on a TCP/IP network wants to communicate with a second host, the first host begins by using the ARP to resolve the IP address of the second host into its associated MAC address. The MAC address is needed for communication to take place over the network.

ARP Command example

Typing arp -a displays the MAC addresses of recently resolved IP addresses. A sample display could be

Internet Address Physical Address Type 00-20-af-b4-a1-4e dynamic 00-40-95-d1-29-6c static

One of these entries is static, meaning the Internet Protocol-to-MAC address mapping has been manually added to the ARP cache using arp –s.

Note: The arp command is only available if TCP/IP is installed on the machine.

Arp is an utility used in TCP/IP networks that allow to display the MAC address of NICs (network interface card) or routers in the same network.