Definition of AS/400 in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is AS/400?

Stands for Application System/400, a midrange IBM server computing platform for business computing. AS/400 uses 64-bit RISC technology, supports Systems Network Architecture (SNA), and runs the OS/400 operating system. Traditional SNA user interfaces to AS/400 systems use either text-based 5250 terminals or desktop PCs running 5250 emulation software. But IBM has released a version of OS/400 that turns the AS/400 into a Web server and allows AS/400 applications to be interfaced using TCP/IP from a standard Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

IBM AS/400

The AS/400 was originally based on a custom IBM CISC CPU which had an instruction set architecture, known as Internal MicroProgrammed Interface (IMPI), similar to that of the IBM System/370. It was later migrated to a POWER-based RISC CPU family eventually known as RS64.

AS400 is an acronym that stands for Application System 400 from IBM. It's an architecture for the OS400 IBM operating system.