at command

Definition of at command in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is AT Command?

A Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 command that can be used to schedule the execution of commands, batch files, and executables. For example, you could use the at command to schedule a backup to occur at a specific time of the day on certain days of the week. You can also use the at command to view commands that have already been scheduled and to delete a scheduled command.

AT Command example

at 02:00 /every:Su runback.bat runs the batch file runback.bat every Sunday at 2 A.M.

TIP: The Windows NT Server Resource Kit includes a GUI version of the at command that is easier to use than the command-line version and has essentially the same functionality.

The at command requires that Windows NT Schedule service is running on the machine. You must be a member of the Administrators group to use the at command. For Windows 2000, you can schedule tasks using the Scheduled Tasks folder within My Computer.