attribute marker

Definition of attribute marker in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Attribute Marker?

A type of marker that can be set or cleared for files stored on the file allocation table (FAT) or NTFS file system. Attributes indicate whether a file is:

  • Read-only, meaning that it cannot be modified
  • Hidden, meaning that the file will not appear when its parent directory is listed at the command line
  • System, meaning that the file is a critical operating system file and should not be moved or modified
  • Archived, meaning that the file has been backed up

Note: The above attributes can be set or cleared for files on both FAT and NTFS partitions. In addition, files on an NTFS volume can be marked as compressed. NTFS uses a number of other extended attributes internally. The term “attribute” can also refer generally to other file system information, such as time stamps, file size, link counts, and so on.