Backup agent

Definition of backup agent in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Backup Agent?

A service that can be installed on a server or workstation to allow files and folders on the computer to be backed up remotely over the network to a tape backup unit or another form of backup storage media. Instead of installing a tape backup unit on each server and backing it up locally, you can use a backup agent to back up multiple servers on the network, centrally. Centralized tape backup libraries are expensive but simpler to administer than a multitude of individual tape drives.

What is Backup Agent?

Microsoft Windows 95 and Windows 98 include two backup agents that allow centralized, network backup of users’ workstations:

  • Backup Exec Agent from Seagate (now Veritas)
  • ARCServe Agent from Cheyenne

To use either of these agents, you must install the agent on each computer you want to back up, and your system administrator must purchase and install the corresponding server-based network backup software from the same company and install it on the server to which a tape drive is attached. Once this is done, your administrator uses the server-based backup software to schedule frequency of backups, and the users of the computers being backed up can specify which files to back up by configuring the Properties of the installed backup agent on their computers.