Backup Operator

Definition of Backup Operator in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Backup Operator?

In Microsoft Windows NT, users who are assigned the responsibility to back up and restore servers on a network. To make an individual a Backup Operator, simply make him or her a member of the Backup Operators group. Backup Operators can exist on Windows NT domain controllers, on member servers, and on workstations.

In Windows 2000, Backup Operators are members who have a similar function and belong to the built-in group called the Backup Operators built-in group.

Backup Operators have the preassigned right to log on locally to a computer and to back up and restore files and directories on the system. Backup Operators also have the right to shut down the system. Backup Operators do not need permissions assigned to them in order to back up a particular file or directory—they have a broad system right to do so.


Backup Operators should be assigned only in enterprise-level networking environments. In small to medium-sized networking environments, backing up and restoring servers is often the responsibility of the administrator.