backup set

Definition of backup set in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Backup Set (in networking)?

A collection of files and folders on a backup tape that were saved in a single Microsoft Windows NT Backup operation. (Windows 2000 Backup can back up files to other media types, such as hard disks.)

You have several options for creating backup sets:

  • Multiple backup sets can be saved on a single backup tape by appending each new set to the last one.
  • A backup set can span multiple tapes if you have a large quantity of information to back up.
  • Tapes can be overwritten so that a new backup set replaces the old.

Windows NT Backup creates a backup set catalog for each backup set. This catalog lists the various files and directories that have been backed up, and it can be used for restoring individual files or directories, or printed for documentation purposes. The backup set catalog is saved at the end of each backup set on the tape. A backup set map at the end of the tape locates all backup sets on the tape.


A copy of the local system’s registry can also be included in the backup set for a Windows NT system. Backup sets are described with friendly names up to 32 characters long.