Backup Wizard

Definition of Backup Wizard in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Backup Wizard?

A wizard that is part of the Backup tool in Windows 2000 that can be used to perform a backup. The Backup Wizard starts by letting you choose among the following:

  • Backing up all files on the computer on which it is running.
  • Backing up files and folders that you specify. These files and folders can be either on the local computer or on any shared location on the network.
  • Backing up Active Directory and the registry on the computer on which the wizard is running. Active Directory can be backed up only on a domain controller.

The wizard then leads you through the process of specifying a backup location and other advanced backup options, such as verification, compression, and remote storage. You can also schedule a backup job to run unattended at a later time when users have stopped working and all files are closed.


The Microsoft Backup tool for Windows 98 also includes a Backup Wizard with similar capabilities.