Basic Rate Interface ISDN (BRI-ISDN)

BRI-ISDN is a standard form of communication on ISDN communication systems.

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What is BRI-ISDN (Basic Rate Interface ISDN)?

A standard form of communication on Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) communication systems. Basic Rate Interface ISDN (BRI-ISDN) connections consist of two B channels and one D channel. The B channels carry the voice or data between the customer premises and the telco’s central office (CO), while the D channel is used for establishing connections and signaling. BRI-ISDN is often referred to as 2B+D because of the channels that it uses.

The bandwidth of each B channel is 64 Kbps, so the total bandwidth of BRI-ISDN is twice that, 128 Kbps. This bandwidth can be used as two separate communication links of 64 Kbps each, or it can be combined using bonding into a single 128-Kbps communication link. The bandwidth of the D channel is 16 Kbps.

BRI-ISDN connections at customer premises can be connected directly to a switch at the telco’s central office, an ISDN call controller that is linked to the CO, an ISDN Private Branch Exchange (PBX), or some other signaling and communication equipment.