Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, aligning IT strategy with the Future.

Cloud Computing: Aligning IT Strategy with the Future

If you're an enterprise, midsize business, or cloud service provider, chances are you've thought a lot about cloud computing. Cloud computing continues to impact the way you plan, pay for, and roll out IT services.

As an IT leader, you're:

  • Facing critical challenges that are changing how you manage your IT solutions, value, and resources.
  • Being asked to go beyond your traditional focus on operational effectiveness and management controls.
  • Not only supporting, but also driving, strategic business objectives.
  • Needing to harness new technology opportunities like cloud computing to lead innovation across the entire business value chain.

At Cisco, we approach cloud computing with one thing in mind: to make sure your cloud strategy benefits your organization for the long term.

We'll partner with you to match your organization with the right cloud computing strategy and deployment models:

  • For enterprise and midsize businesses adopting cloud: Building your own cloud services and buying cloud services from a provider
  • For cloud providers: Selling Cloud Services

Cloud Computing - Adopting

For Enterprise and Midsize Businesses Adopting Cloud

You could look at building or buying options separately. Chances are you're already doing this to advance the business. But the best approach is to view building and buying cloud services as one strategy. Looking at these together will help you become the cloud broker of services to your organization.

When should you consider building your own private cloud? When your organization wants to control its cloud computing infrastructure in-house, or has legal or regulatory concerns.

When should you consider buying cloud services? When you want faster time-to-value with low capital investment. Peace of mind with validated services. Or flexible sourcing models to help your IT efforts to meet the needs of the business.

Learn more about cloud computing solutions.

cloud computing - selling

For Cloud Providers Selling Cloud Services

As a cloud provider, expand to new markets by providing highly capable and secure cloud computing services. Start with a Cisco validated cloud computing platform or host your own cloud computing infrastructure and services. You can provide Cisco Powered certified services, the industry standard for cloud computing and managed services.

Best of all, add value for your customers. Provide a cloud services portfolio capable of supporting midsize business all the way to the largest of enterprises. Connect their additional devices, applications, and services and give them great experiences across all environments. Increase their loyalty and set your business apart from your competitors.