COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI)

COMTI, or COM Transaction Integrator, is a component of Microsoft SNA Server that provides client applications.

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What is COMTI (COM Transaction Integrator)?

A component of Microsoft SNA Server version 4 that provides client applications with access to two popular mainframe transaction processing (TP) environments, Customer Information Control System (CICS) and Information Management System (IMS).

How It Works: COM Transaction Integrator

COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI) works in conjunction with Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), making CICS and IMS programs appear as MTS components that can be used with other MTS components to build distributed applications.

COMTI includes both a Microsoft Windows NT Server run-time environment and a development tool called Component Builder, which can import mainframe COBOL code and automatically generate an object compatible with MTS.

This lets developers program in the visual, object-oriented environments they are accustomed to, allowing them access to host transactions without needing to learn the intricacies of SNA.