Domain User Account

Domain User Account is one of three types of user accounts available on a Microsoft Windows Server based network.

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What is Domain User Account?

One of three types of user accounts available on a Microsoft Windows 2000–based network. User accounts enable users to log on to domains or computers and access any resources in the domain for which they have appropriate permissions. This is in contrast to local user accounts, which are used only for logging on to a specific machine (such as a member server) and accessing resources on that machine.

Domain user accounts are created in Active Directory and stored in organizational units (OUs). Domain user account information is replicated to all domain controllers in a domain using directory replication. This replication enables the user to quickly and easily log on from any part of the domain.

You create domain user accounts using the administrative tool called Active Directory Users and Computers, a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). You can create domain user accounts in the default Users OU or in any other OU that you have created in Active Directory.


Windows 2000 also includes a number of built-in accounts that simplify the task of administering users on a network. The two built-in user accounts are the Administrator and Guest accounts.