FAT32 conversion utility

Definition of FAT32 conversion utility in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is FAT32 Conversion Utility?

A utility included with Microsoft Windows 98 that allows users to convert existing file allocation table (FAT) volumes to FAT32 volumes without reformatting. FAT32 conversion utility can increase the performance of the disk storage system when larger partitions and drives (those larger than 512 MB) are used.

This utility can be run by choosing Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Drive Converter (FAT32) from the Start menu. The utility provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for converting FAT16 volumes to FAT32. Running the conversion utility prompts you to select a drive letter to convert, after which the system restarts in MS-DOS mode. The system is then checked using scandisk, and the drive is converted.


At the completion of the conversion, Disk Defragmenter is configured to run upon the next reboot of the system. Do not interrupt the defragmentation process, because performance of the converted volume will likely be poor if the volume is not completely defragmented.