Fax Service

Definition of Fax Service in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Fax Service?

A service in Microsoft Windows 2000 that lets you administer fax devices on both a local machine and over the network. Besides allowing users to send and receive faxes both locally and over the network, Fax Service includes extensive document archiving and logging options for billing and troubleshooting purposes.

How it works

Fax Service is integrated as a snap-in within the Microsoft Management Console (MMC). Prior to configuring a fax device, choose Programs, Administrative Tools, and Computer Management from the Start menu. In Computer Management, open the Services And Applications folder and click on Services. Then right-click on Fax Service in the right pane of Computer Management and choose Start from the context menu to start the Fax Service. To configure a fax device, access its property sheet. Then configure its Transmitting Station Identifier (TSID), which identifies the location that transmits the fax, and the Receiving Station Identifier (CSID), which identifies the line that receives the fax. The TSID and CSID are usually the telephone number of the fax line. TSID and CSID are required on all faxes in some locales.