FTP utility

Definition of FTP utility in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is FTP Utility?

A TCP/IP utility for copying files to and from remote hosts on machines running Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000. The remote host must be running the FTP service and authenticate the client before the client can transfer files.

The FTP utility provides a command-line interface only for uploading and downloading files to FTP servers. Various shareware GUI-based FTP clients are available on the Internet.

How it works

The FTP command starts an interactive session in which a series of FTP-specific commands can be used to list directories, upload and download files, change between binary and ASCII mode, and so on.

The FTP command is a command-line FTP client and must interact with the FTP service running on the remote host. Microsoft’s implementation of the FTP service is part of Internet Information Services (IIS).