Definition of global.asa in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is global.asa?

A file used in Active Server Pages (ASP) applications running on Microsoft Internet Information Server or Internet Information Services that contains information global to all pages in the application. Global.asa does not generate content visible to the client Web browser - any Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) in the global.asa file is ignored by the server.

The global.asa file can contain object declarations using <OBJECT> tags, type library declarations for COM components that your application uses, and application and session events. You can have only one global.asa file per ASP application.


If your global.asa file generates an error, you should ensure that any object declarations within the file have application-level or session-level scope, that any script in the file is enclosed within <SCRIPT> tags, and that any <OBJECT> tags are placed outside of <SCRIPT> tags.