hidden share

Hidden Share, in Microsoft Windows operating systems, is a share with a dollar sign ($) appended to the share name.

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What is Hidden Share (in computer networking)?

In Microsoft Windows operating systems, a share with a dollar sign ($) appended to the share name. Hidden shares are accessible on the network using Universal Naming Convention (UNC) paths or mapped network drives, but only if the user knows that they are present and knows their exact name.

These shares do not show up in Network Neighborhood or Windows Explorer, or when you use the net view command; users are unaware of their presence unless they are specifically informed.

It is a good idea not to acquaint ordinary users with hidden shares, because they might create such shares on their workstations if appropriate file and print services are installed. This can lead to secret, uncontrolled publishing of information within the company, which is usually against company policy.

Windows NT and Windows 2000 also create certain hidden shares during the installation process that the operating system uses for specific purposes. These hidden shares are called administrative shares; permissions on them should not be modified.