The History of Networking

The History of Networking since the early times of computers.

The History of Networking

Because networking is such a broad and complex field, no single event represents its point of origin. We can think of the 1960s as the early period, however, because that’s when the digital computer began to significantly affect the lives of ordinary individuals and the operations of businesses and governments. For example, during that decade the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) began to use mainframe computers to process tax returns. In this section, we’ll survey the development of networking and related communication technologies and standards from the 1960s through the 1990s.

Networking in the 60's

The beginning of computer networks.

Networking in the 70's

The early development of computer networks and the ethernet technology.

Networking in the 80's

Computer networks for everyone. Standardization of Ethernet. The coaxial cable reign.

Networking in the 90's

High speed networks, from 10Mbps, to 100Mbps and reaching 1000Mbps with both twisted-pair cooper wiring and fiber-optic cabling.