Internet Data Query (IDQ)

Definition of Internet Data Query (IDQ) in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is IDQ (Internet Data Query)?

A text file with the extension .idq that defines the basic parameters for a Microsoft Index Server query. These parameters include the scope of the query and its restrictions (the words being searched for). The Internet Data Query (IDQ) file is the handler for the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) query form used to issue the query. The result set generated by the IDQ file is formatted into HTML using an HTML Extension (HTX) file (.htx file) and returned to the user.

Developing a query or search page for a Web site that can use Index Server involves creating three files:

  • The HTML form that presents the search page to the user
  • The IDQ form handler that executes the query
  • The HTX file that formats the results returned to the user

Although you can use Active Server Pages (ASP) scripting to issue and format Index Server queries, IDQ/HTX files offer better performance.