IrDA Control

Definition of IrDA Control in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is IrDA Control?

A standard developed in 1998 by the Infrared Data Association (IrDA) for communication over IR light between in-room cordless peripheral devices and a host computer. Peripherals such as keyboards, joysticks, mouse devices, and other pointing devices can use IrDA Control for communicating with their host computer.

IrDA Control is implemented using a suite of protocols that include the following:

  • IrDA Control PHY (physical layer), which provides for data transmission that is bidirectional and error-correcting, over IR light at speeds of up to 75 Kbps over distances of up to 5 meters.
  • IrDA Control MAC (media access control), which enables host devices to communicate with multiple IrDA Control peripherals and up to eight peripherals simultaneously. IrDA Control MAC offers a fast response time by using a polling interval of 13.8 meters and supports the dynamic assignment and reuse of addresses assigned to peripheral devices.
  • IrDA Control LLC (logical link control), which ensures proper sequencing of data and handles retransmissions when errors occur.