Definition of JBOD in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is JBOD?

Stands for “just a bunch of disks” and refers to any unstructured high-capacity disk-storage system. JBODs do not have the fault tolerance features of RAID disk systems. They are used for simple applications that require a large disk capacity.

A JBOD has no specified format - anything will do, including a collection of daisy-chained external Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) disk drives, removable Jaz drives, optical drives, or a mixture of different types of disk drives.

JBODs are difficult to manage and usually arise as a result of poor network planning as a company expands and upgrades its services. If you have a JBOD on your network, it is a good idea to migrate as much of your data as possible to a RAID-5 disk system, either an external hardware RAID-5 unit or a Microsoft Windows NT server with RAID-5 implemented in software.