Definition of jetpack in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Jetpack?

A Microsoft Windows NT utility installed with the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) and Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) services that you use to manually compact the DHCP or WINS database on a server running Windows NT.

Compacting a database usually improves its performance. These two databases should be compacted automatically, but jetpack gives administrators the option of manually compacting the databases when needed.

Jetpack example

To compact the DHCP database, you use the following procedure at the command prompt:

cd \%SystemRoot%\system32\dhcp
net stop dhcpserver
jetpack dhcp.mdb tmp.mdb
net start dhcpserver

In this example, tmp.mdb is a temporary database that is used during the compaction process. Jetpack copies the database information to tmp.mdb as it compacts it, deletes the original database, and renames tmp.mdb to replace the deleted database.

Don’t use temp.mdb as the name of the temporary database instead of tmp.mdb as shown in the example; if you do, an error will result. Before you run jetpack, be sure that there is no file named temp.mdb in the DHCP or WINS database directory.


The DHCP or WINS database should be compacted if it approaches 30 MB in size.