Definition of job in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Job (in computer networking)?

In Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS), a set of instructions about system actions to be performed, such as managing the distribution, installation, and removal of software from computers in the network. Using the Systems Management Server Administrator program, you can create, modify, cancel, and delete jobs.

How it works

All jobs are stored in the SMS database using Microsoft SQL Server. Before you create a job, you must create a package, and you might also need to create machine groups, site groups, or queries depending on whether you want to use these tools to limit which computers receive the package.

For example, if you want to create a job that will distribute Microsoft FrontPage to all computers in your development sites that have sufficient disk space, you first run a query to find all computers (from your development sites) with sufficient disk space. Then you create a package for FrontPage and a site group that represents your target systems. Finally, you create the job.

After you create a job, SMS monitors the database and starts the job at the scheduled time. SMS sends the package and job actions to the targeted systems, where they are carried out. As a job is carried out, its status is reported back to the server in the site where the job was created.

You can create three kinds of jobs using SMS:

  • Run Command On Workstation jobs
  • Share Package On Server jobs
  • Remove Package From Server jobs