local address

Definition of local address in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Local Address?

The address that a computer on a TCP/IP network uses to access another computer on the same subnet of the network.

For example, consider a TCP/IP network with the following subnet scheme:

  • Network ID =
  • Subnet Mask =

Using this scheme, there are 14 possible subnets for the network:

  • Subnet 1 has hosts through
  • Subnet 2 has hosts through
  • Subnet 3 has hosts through
  • ...
  • Subnet 14 has hosts through

Now consider the following three hosts on the network:

  • Host A =
  • Host B =
  • Host C =

From the point of view of Host A, which is located on Subnet 2:

  • Host B is located on the local subnet (Subnet 2), so Host B’s address is local to Host A.
  • Host C is located on a remote subnet (Subnet 3), so Host C’s address is remote to Host A.