media-dependent adapter (MDA)

Definition of media-dependent adapter (MDA) in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is MDA (media-dependent adapter)?

MDA is a module that can be inserted into a modular Ethernet switch to provide connectivity between different media types. Modular Ethernet switches typically have two to four media-dependent adapter (MDA) slots on the front panel, where you can easily insert and remove MDAs for providing various media connectivity configurations.

Graphic M-7. Media-dependent adapter (MDA).

  • Eight 10BaseT ports
  • Two 100BaseTX or 100BaseFX ports
  • A Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) double-ring connection

By selecting and inserting different MDAs into a modular switch, you can quickly reconfigure complex Ethernet networks. Bridging between the different types of media is performed internally by the chassis circuitry inside the switch.