Microsoft BackOffice

Definition of Microsoft BackOffice in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Microsoft BackOffice?

A comprehensive and integrated family of server products for intranets, corporate networks, and the Internet. Microsoft BackOffice is available in two different integrated product suites - BackOffice Server and BackOffice Small Business Server - and also as a series of separately available products, which are listed in the following table.

Other Microsoft BackOffice Products

Application Description
Microsoft SNA Server 4
Used to integrate mainframe and AS/400 applications, data, and security with PC local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet/intranet environments
Microsoft Host Data Replicator
Provides bidirectional snapshot replication of data between Microsoft SQL Server and multiplatform DB2 databases by means of SNA Server
Microsoft Proxy Server 2
Offers firewall security functions and high-performance Web caching in one product
Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 1.2
A multisite management system that provides integrated desktop management for customers with medium to large Microsoft Windows–based environments
Microsoft SQL Server 7
A scalable, high-performance database-management system designed for distributed client/server computing that includes built-in data replication, management tools, integration with the Internet and intranets, and an open system architecture
SQL Server 7, Enterprise Edition
A high-performance database-management system designed for large, high-availability database applications and distributed, mission-critical database applications
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
A messaging and collaboration server for businesses of all sizes that fully supports Internet protocols
Exchange Server 5.5, Enterprise Edition
Adds unlimited message storage and other enhancements to Exchange Server
Microsoft Site Server 2
A comprehensive Web site environment for creating, deploying, and managing intranet sites using Windows NT and Internet Information Services (IIS)
Site Server 2, Enterprise Edition
Adds features for the advanced management of commerce-enabled Web sites to Site Server