Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)

Definition of Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network)?

A Microsoft program that provides developers with tools, information, training, and events to help them develop products for Microsoft Windows platforms. MSDN Online, the Web site for developers of Windows-based software, regularly features news, general information, and in-depth technical articles and interviews.

Membership in MSDN Online is free upon registration and includes access to the MSDN Library Online, a vast collection of content and downloadable sample code.

Developers can also pay to subscribe to the MSDN Library, which provides regular CDs containing product documentation, code samples, technical articles, and more. The benefits of paid subscriptions to the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) vary with the level of subscription chosen, with the most expensive subscriptions including copies of Microsoft operating systems, Microsoft development kits, Microsoft BackOffice applications, Microsoft Visual Studio development suites, and other software.


You can receive MSDN information by subscribing to the MSDN Flash e-mail newsletter, a semi-monthly newsletter with news, event listings, and important announcements.

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