Microsoft Site Server, Commerce Edition

Definition of Microsoft Site Server, Commerce Edition in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Microsoft Site Server, Commerce Edition?

An integrated Internet server built on Microsoft Site Server for Internet e-commerce. Using Microsoft Site Server, Commerce Edition, businesses can create and manage cost-effective e-commerce sites and applications, produce targeted online advertising and marketing, and participate in personalized promotion schemes.

Companies can conduct business online securely using order capture, management, and routing functions. Site Server, Commerce Edition, integrates easily into existing inventory, accounting, and electronic data interchange (EDI) systems and includes tools for analyzing customer and partner usage information.

In addition to the publishing, delivery, and analysis features of Site Server, Commerce Edition, version 3 includes such e-commerce features as

  • Ad Server:
    For deploying online advertisements. Ad Server supports targeted delivery, scheduled management, and exposure limits.


  • Buy Now:
    Formats product information and order forms in various ways (including for online ads).


  • Commerce Interchange Pipeline:
    Enables interchange of structured business information using the Internet or existing EDI systems.


  • Microsoft Market:
    A sample site with reference code for intranet-based corporate purchasing applications that use authenticated requisitions, purchase order workflow and approval mechanisms, a procurement catalog schema, and multiple purchase order output types.


  • Dynamic Promotion:
    Enables development of advertising campaigns and product promotions based on the preferences and purchasing history of customers and partners.


  • Order Processing Pipeline:
    For managing orders based on specified business rules.