Migration Wizard

Definition of Migration Wizard in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is Migration Wizard?

A tool in Microsoft Exchange Server for migrating mail users from other mail systems to Exchange.

How it works

The Migration Wizard uses source extractors to extract directory information and messages from the system to be migrated from, and formats the information as a set of migration files. You can then import these files to the Exchange server. The wizard includes built-in source extractors for the following:

  • Microsoft Mail for PC Networks
  • Lotus cc:Mail
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Netscape Collabra

You can obtain source extractors for other mail systems from their vendors or have them custom built. You can carry out migration in a single stage if you have all the associated connectors and gateways installed on your Exchange server, or you can do it in two stages if you do not have sufficient administrative resources to perform the entire migration at once.

Graphic M-13. Migration Wizard.