MMC console

Definition of MMC console in The Network Encyclopedia.

What is MMC console?

A file that contains customized configuration information for Microsoft Management Console (MMC) and can be used to start MMC with a specific set of snap-ins and a specific console tree. MMC consoles have the extension .msc and are saved in the My Administrative Tools folder on a machine running Microsoft Windows 2000. You create a custom MMC console (or simply console) by adding snap-ins to a blank MMC console. You can do this for several reasons:

  • To save a specific console for a specific administrative task. An administrator can thus create a custom administrative tool that is not cluttered with unnecessary functionality and provides just enough functionality to perform the task at hand.
  • To create a console for unifying a set of administrative tasks. An administrator can thus create a single console with which all common administrative tasks can be performed instead of switching between different tools for different tasks.
  • To distribute the console to junior administrators in read-only form.

How it works

As administrator, you choose Run from the Start menu, type mmc.exe , and click OK. This opens a blank console window. Add snap-ins to this empty window to create your custom console. Then save the console in your My Administrative Tools folder. Note that each user on a computer running Windows 2000 has a separate My Administrative Tools folder for storing custom console files.

Graphic M-14. MMC console.


Windows 2000 includes a number of preconfigured MMC consoles (also known as administrative tools) for performing specific administrative tasks. You access these using the Administrative Tools shortcut in the Programs group of the Start menu.