NetBEUI Frame (NBF)

Definition of NetBEUI Frame (NBF) in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is NBF (NetBEUI Frame)?

An enhanced implementation of the NetBEUI protocol that is available on Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. Some of the enhancements and special features of NetBEUI Frame (NBF) include the following:

  • Support for network driver interface specification (NDIS) version 3 for full 32-bit asynchronous transport layer communication using the transport driver interface (TDI) layer as a NetBIOS emulator
  • Support for automatic memory tuning through dynamic memory allocation
  • Support for dial-up clients through the Remote Access Service (RAS)
  • An extension of NetBEUI’s limit of 256 concurrent NetBIOS sessions to more than 1000 sessions

Although NetBEUI is essentially a nonroutable protocol, NBF supports Token Ring Source Routing on IBM Token Ring networks.

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