Definition of vCard in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is vCard?

vCard is an Internet protocol for exchanging business information. vCard enables users to exchange the kind of information found on business cards by using standard Internet applications such as e-mail clients and Web browsers.

It can also be integrated into fax, cellular phone, pager, smart card, and other communication technologies. You can use vCard to electronically communicate information such as a user’s name, title, business, address, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, URLs (Uniform Resource Locators), company logo, photographic likeness, audio clip, and just about anything else.

vCard specifies the format for encoding information for transmission over the Internet. vCard is defined in Requests for Comments (RFCs) 2425 and 2426. The current version is vCard 3.0.


Microsoft Outlook 98 and later and Microsoft Outlook Express 5 support the vCard protocol.