Web map

Definition of Web map in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Web Map?

A Web map is a graphic display generated by Content Analyzer (a tool included with Microsoft Site Server and Microsoft Site Server Express) that allows Web server administrators to view the structure and integrity of their Web sites. Web maps can display all or selected portions of a site, including Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) files, graphics files, Java applets, and any other type of object. Administrators can use the Web map to determine the properties of any object in the site, such as the date when the object was last modified or its file size.

Web maps can be displayed in two different views:

  • Tree view:
    Displays a hierarchical picture of the objects in the site. This view is similar to the left pane of Windows Explorer.


  • Hyperbolic view:
    Displays the objects in the site in a dynamic nonlinear form that you can drag and manipulate to change its size and shape.