Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition

Definition of Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition?

Windows NT Server Enterprise Edition is an enhanced version of the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system. Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition, includes the following features:

  • Windows NT Server 4:
    An enterprise-level network operating system that provides highly scalable file and print services, standards-based communication features, robust application support, and comprehensive Internet as well as intranet functionality.


  • 4-GB RAM Tuning (4GT):
    An extension of the normal limit of addressable RAM available to applications in Windows NT Server. The 4 GB of RAM available in Windows NT Server are divided between applications and the kernel, each being allocated 2 GB. With 4GT, the potential RAM that can be allocated to the kernel is reduced to 1 GB, which leaves 3 GB for applications.


  • Eight-processor symmetric multiprocessing (SMP):
    Can be extended to up to 32 processors using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) versions of the product.


  • Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS):
    Supports two-node cluster configurations that can automatically recover from application or server failures, allowing continuous availability of data and applications.


  • Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS):
    Provides an environment for developing and deploying scalable, enterprise-level Internet and intranet applications.


  • Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Server:
    A service that enables applications to communicate asynchronously over heterogeneous networks.



After you install Windows NT Server, Enterprise Edition, you can enable 4GT by adding the switch /3GB to the boot.ini file:

\WINNT="Windows NT Server Version 4.00" /3GB