Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition

Definition of Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition?

Windows NT Server Terminal Server Edition an extension of the Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system for delivering Microsoft Windows to diverse desktop systems through terminal emulation.

Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition, supports a broad range of clients, including the following:

  • Dedicated Windows-based terminals
  • Existing computers running 32-bit Windows
  • Older computers running 16-bit Windows
  • MS-DOS
  • Apple Macintosh, UNIX workstations, and other non-Windows platforms (using third-party add-ons)

Terminal Server can reduce costs because it supports a new class of low-cost hardware called Windows-based terminals. These hardware platforms are marketed by hardware vendors and contain an embedded terminal emulation client. Terminal Server also works with existing Windows desktop operating systems running on PCs; it runs the terminal emulation client as a window on the local desktop. Terminal Server is compatible with Windows applications from Microsoft such as Office, Internet Explorer, Exchange, Outlook, and Project, as well as Microsoft Visual Basic–based applications and many other popular 32-bit Windows applications.

You can use Terminal Server to deploy a thin-client solution that eliminates the need to download applications from the server. The Terminal Server client has only minimal software for booting the client, connecting to the server, and displaying the Windows interface to the user. All operating system functions and applications run entirely from the server. Terminal Server provides a host-based computing environment in which administrators can manage all server resources on a per-user basis. It supports a multiuser environment in which a terminal emulator displays a Windows desktop and Windows-based applications that actually run completely off the server.

Terminal Server has four main components:

  • Terminal Server server software
  • Terminal Server Client software
  • Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which is based on the T.120 protocol developed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • Administration Tools, including Terminal Server License Manager, Terminal Server Client Creator, Terminal Server Client Connection Configuration, and Terminal Server Administration tools

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