Windows Script Host (WSH)

Definition of Windows Script Host (WSH) in The Network Encyclopedia.

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What is WSH (Windows Script Host)?

Windows Script Host, or WSH, is a language-independent scripting host included with Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows NT Option Pack, and Windows 98 that allows administrators to execute scripts for administrative tasks either from the command console (using cscript.exe) or by double-clicking on a desktop shortcut (using wscript.exe). Administrative scripts can be written in Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript), or in Microsoft JScript and can be written to perform common or repetitive administrative tasks such as performing a backup, creating new users, and configuring clients. Windows Script Host (WSH) allows these scripts to be run without being embedded in a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document. You can also add support for other scripting languages, such as Perl or REXX.


You can configure how scripts are run by using .wsh files, which are created automatically when you access the properties of a VBScript or JScript file on a system with WSH installed. These .wsh files act like INI files, enabling you to configure settings such as how long a script should be allowed to run before being terminated. You can create a series of different .wsh files for a given script and use these in different situations. Double-click on a .wsh file to run the associated script.