Certificate Administration Queue Utility

Certificate Administration Queu Utility is a Web-based tool for administering Microsoft Certificate Server.

What is Certificate Administration Queue Utility?

A Web-based tool for administering Microsoft Certificate Server, which is included with the Microsoft Windows NT Option Pack (and with Windows 2000 as Certificate Services).

The Certificate Administration Queue Utility is used to display and manage the server queue. The server queue contains the PKCS #10 requests submitted to Microsoft Certificate Server for issuing standard X.509 format digital certificates.

Issuing and managing digital certificates is an essential part of a public key infrastructure (PKI) for secure networking based on public key cryptography methods.

How it works

For example, suppose you want to obtain and install a certificate for a Web site or virtual server on an Internet Information Server (IIS) version 4 server. Using the Key Manager component of Internet Services Manager, you first create a new key pair along with a certificate request file. The certificate request file is then enrolled using the certificate server administration Web page.

The Certificate Administration Queue Utility can be used by the certificate server administrator to display details of the submitted certificate request—such as its serial number, when it was submitted, and the current disposition of the request. Using this tool, you can view a list of all or filtered subsets of received certificate requests, or view the details of individual certificate requests.