Cluster Administrator

Cluster Administrator is a GUI-based tool used for managing any cluster on the network.

What is Cluster Administrator?

A GUI-based tool used for managing any cluster on the network. A copy of Cluster Administrator is automatically installed on both nodes in the cluster when you install Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), but Cluster Administrator can also be installed and run from any remote computer running Microsoft Windows NT with Service Pack 3 or later.

(On Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Cluster Administrator is provided as a snap-in for the Microsoft Management Console.)

Cluster Administrator can perform actions such as:

  • Specifying which applications run on each node of the cluster
  • Managing services, file shares, and directory replication
  • Configuring policies for failover and failback
  • Configuring which node currently runs each application
  • Taking nodes off line for maintenance

You can also administer various aspects of MSCS by typing cluster.exe from the command prompt. This might be useful, for example, if you had to use a secondary dial-up modem connection to manage a cluster. Another use might be to create a batch file for automated administration of MSCS, and schedule the batch file using the Windows NT at command. Cluster.exe can be used only on a computer with MSCS installed or a Windows NT Workstation with Service Pack 3 that has Cluster.