DHCP, Process: Managing resources and service performance

Process: Managing resources and service performance in DHCP Operations Guide

Process: Managing resources and service performance


Capacity management is concerned with optimized utilization of IT resources in order to achieve the level of performance agreed to with the client. These resources are supplied by supporting organizations to ensure the requirements of the business are met. The process of capacity management can be either reactive or proactive. Iterative activities, such as monitoring, analyzing, tuning, and reporting, are also important in the process of managing resources and service performance. The type of data for each differs. For example, the level of utilization of individual components in the infrastructure is of interest to management of IT resources, while the transaction throughput rates and response time are of interest in managing service performance.

Task: Create service performance and utilization report


Report the performance of the service into data that can be used to support decision making.

Procedure 1: Calculate daily statistics

  1. Import performance logs into Microsoft Excel.
  2. Calculate the daily average for each counter collected in the log.
  3. In a new worksheet, record the daily average of the counters for each day of the month.
  4. Use Excel’s graphing feature to create visuals that illustrate trends in performance.


For clarity, it may be easier to calculate the daily statistics on a per performance object basis. You should also consider that these reports will feed into measuring of SLAs, operating level agreements (OLAs), and underpinning contracts (UCs).

Procedure 2: Store data and reports

  1. Store each month’s data in a single workbook for future reference.
  2. Save the workbook to a file share on a file server that is under regular backup maintenance.


Performance logs being captured on the service. (See Process: Perform Monitoring)

Technology Required

Microsoft Excel or third-party spreadsheet application