Dynamic RAS Connector

Dynamic RAS Connector is a connector in Microsoft Exchange Server.

What is Dynamic RAS Connector?

A connector in Microsoft Exchange Server. You can use the Dynamic RAS Connector when a permanent network connection between two Exchange sites is unavailable. The Dynamic RAS Connector uses the Microsoft Windows NT Remote Access Service (RAS) to connect two sites.

The Dynamic RAS Connector is typically used in an Exchange implementation in one of the following ways:

  • To provide a backup messaging connectivity path between two remote Exchange sites in case their dedicated connection goes down. For example, two sites might have a T1 line connecting them and use Site Connector to establish messaging between them. If the T1 line goes down, the Dynamic RAS Connector can kick in and use a modem to provide temporary messaging services between the sites.
  • As an option for connecting low-traffic branch office sites to the main headquarters site of an Exchange organization.