Everyone group

Everyone group? is a system group existing on all Microsoft Windows servers and workstations.

What is Everyone group?

A system group existing on all Microsoft Windows NT and Windows 2000 servers and workstations. The Everyone group includes all local and remote users who have access to any computer running Windows NT on which the Everyone group is defined. This includes users from untrusted domains and non–Windows NT networks. By default, the Everyone system group has the sole preassigned system right «Access this computer from network».

Additional rights can be granted to this group if desired. You cannot modify the membership of system groups such as the Everyone group directly.


The Everyone group is one of seven built-in system groups that are defined on networks based on the Windows 2000 operating system.


When you share a folder on a server running Windows NT, full control permission is initially assigned to the Everyone group. It is a good idea to remove this group and assign appropriate permissions to other groups, such as Administrators and Users.

Be careful about assigning additional permissions to the Everyone group. If you allow users who do not have valid user accounts to access the network using the Guest account, they will gain any permissions and rights that you have assigned to the Everyone group.