Exchange event service

Exchange Event Service is a Microsoft Windows Server service running on Microsoft Exchange Server.

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What is Exchange Event Service?

A Microsoft Windows NT service running on Microsoft Exchange Server version 5.5 computers. This service can be configured using Microsoft Outlook to monitor for occurrence of specific events in public folders.

These events include timing events, message postings, and message deletions. The event service notifies users of specific actions that occur on public folders. This allows developers to write custom workflow applications that perform specific actions when a specific event occurs in a public folder.

Developers can write scripts using the Exchange Scripting Agent to trigger responses to messages being posted in both public folders and users’ mailboxes.


When writing mailbox agents that use the event service, use high-level programming languages such as C or C++. If you write mailbox agents using an interpreted language such as Microsoft Visual Basic, Scripting Edition (VBScript), Exchange Server will slow to the speed of the interpreter whenever the script is called by a message being posted to the mailbox. This can cause a significant drop in performance.